Wednesday, 11 April 2012

well hello they u mike be see  this my new blog.....which..made by my special friend @miss enon hehe..thanks.for making this the new hobby for me..

ok i would like to share little bit about my self... hurmm..jibam is what they call me..hehe,
i am interested of natural situation..and some natural hobby that ..accompany nature..such as , hiking,camping, and why am i so interested with world nature ...??
because...this is what have been create by MAHA ESA >><< ALLAH S.W.T... and so many thing that we can learn..view..and appreciate..of the answer....insyallah.. like to lough with anybody who like to lough with me..
so..enjoy my fav song do miss enon heheh...
i believe....enjoyy...insyallah

hehehehe kita balik ker versi melayu laa erk..bukan pandai sangat..cakap omputih nie..hehe saja jerrr nak try. k setakat nie jer laaa erk...wabillahitaufik wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahiwabarakatuh..
takbir!!!!! ALLAHUAKBAR....

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